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We are all on this "train ride" together, Above All we should strive to make the ride as pleasant and memorable as we can, right up until we make the final stop and leave the train for the last time. FOR ALL OF YOU NOW, YOU ARE PART OF MY TRAIN, So I am wishing you a nice journey. Lou.


Would love to meet you and hear your comments......
The Rock Revealer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As we enter 2010... I felt the message for us all was revealed in the beautiful Rose Quartz

There is always something beautiful to be found if you look for it.

Concentrate on beauty rather than the reverse.

There is magic that heals with a positive attitude towards life and people are all part

of the divine magic we are endevoring to reveal to you.

Love yourself in 2010... that's the message of of the Rose Quartz.

A rose buy any other name would not be a rose........

..........take time to smell the rose's as you walk through 2010........

The Rock Revealer

Thursday, November 26, 2009


'What are the best stones, gems or crystals to help someone with their body image and self esteem?"

asks Julie from "Beautiful you".

Met Julie,

an inspiring woman that sends out life affirming messages to the world via

Beautiful You.. Julie is the General Manager of the Butterfly Foundation supporting people with eating disorders.

Julie has recently interviewed me in relation to my life as a Lapidarist, living with Parkinson's Disease and the healing power of stones....

we have put our heads together in hope that we can raise awareness to the need for positive self image and self esteem.

We have made it interesting with a competition.... to be eligible to enter you need to become a follower of both our blogs... so we can re-enforce the need for self love.

Throughout history, in all cultures, talisman's have been used, and still are used, to attract health, success and happiness in ones life..... there are certain stones that we use for self love and for the promotion of positive self awareness.

"Positive Body Image and Self Love"
"Rose Quartz and Malachite"

......are two gentle, calming heart stones. They both work on the emotions and help to balance and harmonize the energies in a very subtle way. They are a beautiful stone to give someone you love..... we all need self love as we learn to come to terms with the forever awakening and changing of emotional waters that run through the course of the day/days.

These two stones will help you stay in the "love zone" of the self, ... the days I am feeling a little unloved, it is nice to put on either stone and every time I touch it , I get that positive message re-enforced.

"Confidence and Positive Self Esteem"

"Rhodonite and Topaz" two favourite stones, they both bring forth confidence and trust in one's own ability to be" True" to yourself. To promote awareness so you can walk your own walk in your own individuality. One particular energy surge that I get from Topaz is that it gives me is that extra spring in my step.

Rhodonite is a beautiful stone that has black veins woven through the rock.

The black veins bring forth the wisdom of the learned lessons, that help grow one's self confidence and self- esteem. Rhodonite can assist with anxiety and can help bring a sense of calm when one is facing new situations.

Visit Julie's blog 'BEAUTIFUL YOU' to enter the competition and win
a gorgeous Rose Quartz Pendant from
All you need to do to enter is answer this question:
" wishing you the best of luck and I hope you win!" :)
and as I work with the stones, a message from the heart....

"Why are you crying?"

the angel asked the sobbing woman-child?

" When I was chasing one of my dreams...I dropped my heart" she whimpered,

and now....

"now it has a crack in it.... and it is no longer perfect"

"Oh beautiful one the angel spoke, of course your Heart is still perfect"

"Don't you know, haven't you heard the Truth?"

The only way that LOVE comes into your heart dear one, is through the cracks.
The Rock Revealer

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

MENOPAUSE...All the things my Mum never told me !!!

I often say to my Mum.... "why didn't you tell me ?"
I am 47 years old.. and I am on the other side of "menopause"... I ain't going through it ! I would like to think I am over it!
I found it very difficult... it just snuck up on me and I never saw it comin'... wohh what a ride,
A friend of mine Jen said to her doctor as she was diagnosed with breast cancer.. "I just got on the bloody train and now I got to get off it".....
I thought about that...... and we are all goin' to have our own train stories to tell.
Feel free to add you own story to this blog... leave a comment...because there is so much that mum never told me and I would like to share that with you... so if you feel like sharing your story on menopause and life after menopause it might just get help you over that hurdle.!!!

First one that I know is that some women just go through it so gently and others find the road really rough. Why......... I think some women find there wisdom early in life and others find it later.

It took me an awful long time to "wise up"... I was so busy for twenty two married years playing the person that had to fix everything up.... I was the fixer-upperer! ... and now all I want is for someone to fix it all up for me!.... I am tired of always fixing things up... patching things up.. but honestly girls... I am so over fixing things up that I now only fix what is broken and sometimes I even throw it out, sometimes it just ain't worth fixing... That's something I have learn through menopause.
Cause when you get back on the train... it starts picking up speed a lot quicker than the last one you were on.
The stone that keeps coming to mind is "Lapis Lazuli"
One of our Primary Colours (Blue) in our Chakras... and Lapis teaches one to be clear in ones
communication, to speak as a friend, of their truths, lapis help one to know ones essence , their values, their own beliefs.
In being a student of the "Kabbalah"-" The Tree of Life"
Lapis Lazuli is 'HESED' The energy of Love and Compassion. The blue stone has golden flecks through it, soft to work with but it polishes up nicely. The golden flecks (pyrites) are said to
represent the stars in heaven... and truth can only be learned through wisdom, my belief is that the stars are souls of spirits passed, must be lots of wisdom in those stars.
Lapis Lazuli... every girls needs a piece of Lapis in there wardrobe,
We all seek our own truth.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



This is a beautiful piece of Crystal Opal that has been carved and polished and set in the middle of a beaded flower... and as in every piece that I make for a Bride it comes with a Wedding Blessing.
The Blessing that this stone brings with it is one of The Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime... " They say the creator came down to Earth on a rainbow to give a message of peace to all mankind. The place where the creator's foot touched the earth, the stones came alive, they sparkled in all the colours of the rainbow

Opal is also akin to Celestial Quartz in it's keeping clear records of an Era of Earth's deep history.
It is a beautiful stone that would bless a wedding in reminding one to play and stay light in love, it has a calming and brightening effect on the energy surrounding. It is an ideal stone for one seeking inspiration and heightened imagination with clarity and the perfect tool for inspiring play leading to manifestation.... and reflects the energies of our Mother Earth.
This stone brings one of deep feeling of Joy, high spirits and improves and regulates health and supports all healing processes.

A Wedding Blessing of past and present.
This unique piece of Crystal Opal woven into a beaded lotus flower with a gorgeous ribbon choker is available at

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This month at Rocks Revealed all new member that sign up for the Newsletter will receive a FREE Nice Coloured Opal Specimen valued at $20.00 plus... all you pay is a modest $ 4.95 postage fee.
Every month in the Newsletter there is a FREE give away to one lucky subscriber...
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Also there is personalized help on the 'HEALING QUALITIES' of you stones on the Rocks FORUM..... ASK...LEARN AND SHARE.
I hope to make your Acquaintance.
The Rock Revealer.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Magic of Minerals in Crystal Healing.

Every one knows about Louise Hay and how thoughts can create dis- ease in one's life!

...........and what if stones can really help in your healing process?

The magic of stones... and how colour is nature's own anti-depressant

...... and minerals how they are absorbed through the skin to aid you in your healing.

I share my passion with many others who believe in the healing power of gemstones and crystals.

Many stones have very subtle energies, some you are guided to without conscious direction, some jewellery you wear all the time others you can take off within hours, there is magic in there power to heal.

I very talented lady by the name of Jeanette Stein has written a book on 'The Magic of Minerals in Crystal Healing' and her book is available through for $47.00... a must to have in any one's collection, especially if you are into self healing.

Monday, November 2, 2009


They call this rock 'Rose Red' and they are right. Its colours are as diverse as the Rose in your garden.... From the Palest Pink Blush to the Blood Red Rose Bud.... and with it, comes Black veins woven through the stone. I have found this a beautiful stone of contrast.

... and found in our own back yard... Moombie, Tamworth, Australia.

A stone of wisdom, born from the understanding of emotions. The lessons of finding strength in your own personality to get over come things, finding the strength to let go when needed.....

the lesson being... if you cannot let go, you cannot go anywhere.. you are stuck, unable to grow.

The realization of Spirit.... you are a "spirit being" with a personality you wear as makeup....

In working with this stone the bright pink gave me a feeling one could have a passionate love that is grounded. It is one of the heart stones which would promote unconditional love for mankind.

Since illness in the body is believed to start as tension in the mind, Rhodonite has a very calming, warm and nurturing feel about it.

All indications suggest that Rhodonite is a wound healer, a stone for injuries, bleeding wounds and insect bites, strengthens muscles. heart and circulation and helps with Autoimmune diseases and with stomach ulcers......

Defiantly a stone needed around the home.

...and here are a few pictures of the pieces of jewellery that I have been creating and are available at and you can join in our discussions on the rocks forum with our resident Gemmologist Jeanette Stein.

I hope you can share with us here at Rocks your stories of stones and what they mean in your life.

The Rock Revealer

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hi there Friends,

Well this morning I had great fun designing this gorgeous new piece of Bamboo Agate. I have wrapped it in Sterling Silver , added a few bells and whistles or as my friend says "frippery" and wham.... and I am really happy with the result... could quiet easily keep it myself but I cannot keep it all and I certainly cannot wear it all. This piece is available at my store and is unique.. it would be your OWN SPECIAL Designer Piece of Jewellery from me the Rock Revealer.

Bamboo Agate.... as I worked on this stone the energy was one of calm.... I could almost feel the tall Bamboo swaying gently in the breeze... a knowingness of ones own mortality and how everything has it's time and place in the big picture we call the universe. This Bamboo Stone would have shared the period of the dinosaurs. I feel this stone would work well on anxiety and your emotional well being.... go with the flow, a knowing that descends of all is good in my world.

I hope you like it as much as I had fun in making it.

Cheers Lou.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Last week as I made the Mookaite Dream Catcher Pendant.... we had an incredible dust storm here on the East Coast of OZ.....

Now this beautiful stone is from Western Australia.. and the colours are of our beautiful outback... I have never seen such beautiful pictures that come from this stone.. from the reds and golds to the beautiful pinks and maroons of the setting suns of a sunburnt country.

As I worked with this stone, one felt the energy of "blood" purification, cleansing and wound healing........ our beautiful country gets into you blood and with the red dust storms many people experienced nose bleeds, I know I did.. for me it was all part of the experience of this rock......... and that is exactly what this stone promotes and that is one of experience, variety and fun. The colours of our beautiful country is so represented in this rock, Australia gets into you blood and the experience is so intense.

This dream catcher for me is all about, the root chakra, grounding, mother earth, liver and spleen... it is making a choice, having a choice... where is the best fertile ground one may ask?.

Friday, October 2, 2009


On my forum at Rocks Revealed.... Jeanette Stein answer questions on particular healing qualities of Stones and minerals.

As I worked with the two Stones that Jeanette recommends... Malachite for Arthritis and Moonstone for Fertility I decided to write about the energy that I experienced with the stones in question.


and at the time of creating this Dream Catcher Astrology talk is all about the Saturn and Uranus challenges, and the beautiful rings of Malachite remind me of the Saturn Rings. In particular the rings of Malachite have made me aware of how our feelings circulate around our being in the ethric field that surrounds the physical body in that our feeling realm.

Malachite is all about feelings, and their need to be recognised and when they are not heard and are ignored they will tend to manifest in the physical body. I found that the energy of Malachite asked me to listen to my feelings " What are your feelings, one may ask?"


While Working with this stone I became so aware of the moon as one would expect too..... and as Jeanette explains the usefulness of this stone in it's composition for fertility-

The Moonstone brought feelings of my femininity to the fore and even as I write, the moon is large in the sky, Pandora's box, the calmness, the beauty, the tide... The energy or the feeling of everything has a rhythm, right time, right place...

I believe that this Dream Catcher is all about capturing and understanding your feelings, and in doing that you become calm in order to be ready for fertilization. As you work through your feelings the ground becomes fertile again as you listen to your feeling and nuture the body waiting for the right tide. This is a beautiful fertility Dream Catcher... both these stones, work there magic together.

The Story of The Stones- Cairn Elen

There's a tale...
After Elen had accomplished her wandering through the word, she placed a Cairn at the end of the Sarn Elen. Her path then led her back to the land between evening and morning. From this Cairn originated all stones that direct the way at crossroads up until today.
( From a Celtic Myth)

Celtic "Cairn" = "Stone"
"Sarn" =" Path"
"Elen, Helen" = "Goddess of the Roads"
There is more to this tale.............