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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

"SODALITE" Blue Elegance

                               SODALIGHT,LAPIS AND WHITE ALABASTER
                                PENDANT AND EARRING SET....
                                    AVAILABLE AT 

Sodalite is a dark blue stone intersperesed with white calcite.
Sodalite is a stone that "enhances communication" working on the throat chakra.
Sodalite is associated with the thyroid.
With the white calcite it helps one in their search for their truth.
It can be a soft stone to work with as the calcite can tend to be a little unstable.
Sodalite encourages rational thinking and clarity of ideas, allowing you to reconise and accept truth.
On a physical level Sodalite helps with the assimulation of fluids, voice fever, excess weight and High Blood pressure.

It is said that the white calcite veins in the stone symbolise the ideas and inspirations breaking through.

The largest deposit of sodalite is in Brazil.

Sodalite is the stone of athletics, as it stimulates endurance. It is said sodalite will harmonize the inner being or the conscious and subconscious mind.
Sodalite promotes peace and harmony. Sodalite is extra lucky for writers.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


     “Tiger in Grass” Collection.

This stunning piece of jewellery is the combination of two stones, beautiful “Unakite” with it’s tiger orange and grass green combination and “Hematite” with it’s metallic lustre, set in 925 Sterling Silver with adjustable neck chain length.

Unakite likes to balance the emotions and helps one become aware of the subconscious blocks that we create.  Combined with Hematite the anti- stress stone, which gently allows the mind to dispel negativity, they both work together to help promote improvement of one’s situation in life.
On a physical level the chemical composition of both stones work on the blood, both containing Iron, the influence of iron has an energising effect on both the physical and non-physical bodies.
This beautiful tailsman necklace and matching earrings will offer you refection in your life, should one choose to look.

I very much enjoyed making this collection....and I have many new designs similar to this in the pipeline. I have one more set of this stone, so an order for this can be taken....don't forget to bookmark my blog as the designs will turn up here first.... for other beautiful and unique pieces please visit 
                      The Rock Revealer  :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lotions and Potions

I thought I would start a discussion on "LOTIONS AND POTIONS"
We all know that the laying- on of stones is a very ancient art and we are all discovering that many of the spiritual practices have sadly been lost.. so I thought why not share some knowledge on what I have come to learn on the healing qualities that many stones have been used for... feel free to add what you know or has been passed down to you.

Having studied the Shamanistic Ways, I believe in crystals and stones and there healing powers.. in the past they were often use medicinally, crushed into grains or powders, made into elixirs .... stones steeped in liquid and the liquid then drank.

*Amber was made into an ointment and used to treat coughs and bronchitis.
*Agate was ground and mixed with wine to heal wounds.
*Aquamarine was prescribed as a cure for toothache, epilepsy and liver disease.
*Emerald was taken as an antidote to poison and to stop dysentery.
*Bloodstone was used to stop hemorrhaging.
*Hematite was favored in ancient Egypt to stop heavy bleeding and reduce swelling.
*Jade used by the Chinese to strengthen the heart and lungs and to prolong life. Mixed with rice and dew, it was taken to strengthen the muscles and harden bones.
*Lapis Lazuli was used by the ancient Egyptians in the making of eye ointments and the Greeks used it to treat snake bites.. later a cure for fever and depression.
*Sapphires has been used in the treatment of eye diseases and the plague.
*Topaz was steeped into wine for three days and rubbed across the eyes to cure poor vision.
                                              Experts from the magic of Crystals by W & B Jones.
These are just a few... we can add to the list as we go.... it would be interesting to check certain stones against your birthstones or zodiac stone to see if the stone matches up with an ailment.... 
it could be interesting to get some stats on this..
.......lets see what the rocks reveal!
.......Feel free to share....
                                    The Rock Revealer. :)