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Saturday, March 19, 2011


This beautiful and powerful stone resonates to a high spiritual vibration. It transforms negative energy into peaceful and loving energy allowing a higher state of consciousness. Amethyst is the visionary, it works with the highest levels of thought, seeing and hearing with our using the physical senses.
Amethyst is the great protector , ideal to have as a piece of jewellery to wear or beside your bed, even as a polished stone to keep in your pocket or handbag.
Amethyst is a great teacher to help inspire the teacher and the student... teaching that there is more than facts to understand.
The Key words for Amethyst is Serenity, Boundless, Merciless, Spirituality and Mystic.
Amethyst helps with the top of your head, the crown, the brain and the scalp as well as the pineal gland.
It promotes spiritual development, by aiding one to learn to relax and connect to their higher self. I helps with headache and tension and the digestive organs, good for injuries, hearing disorders, insomnia, and anything to do with the breath.
Sometimes when Amethyst comes into your life something negative will soon be transformed, There maybe a need to cleanse or release something to allow this transformation to occur.
For more information on Amethyst please check out the articles on the Rocks Revealed Website...
these articles include: 
  who is a professional kinesiologist and loves to facilitate change in peoples lives incorporating their emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Marney has written an article about her healing abilities and the magical qualities of Amethyst.... Read more...
Marney Perna invites you to download a complimentary De-Stress Report from her website.

          Rare Mt Isa Amethyst Crystal available at the Rock Shop/Rocks Revealed.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog on the Rocks: Moss Agate with a spash of Red.

Blog on the Rocks: Moss Agate with a spash of Red.

Moss Agate with a spash of Red.

Mother Nature has been playing with a red paint brush, as this beautiful piece of Moss Agate has been stroked with an Artists palette...... the neckband has been made with Jasper, Moss Agate and Adventurine.... it would help a person who has a particular project in mind that needs grounding and will help to produce growth.

Jasper Picture Stone and Red Tiger Eye.

It's been Raining ... so I decided to get creative today!!!
Hope you like them....

This is a necklace using the beautiful Jasper Picture Stone , combined with the stunning RED TIGER EYE beads and small jasper beads. The feeling... when I was making this pendant was one of that beautiful, get back to nature feel, it even evoked the smell of the rainforest for me. It was a beautiful pendant to work with.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Second/Sacral/ Orange Chakra

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Read all about working with the Second/Orange Chakra and how if it is balanced it can manifest wonderful relationships to love, sexuality, creativity, money and abundance in your life.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog on the Rocks: "The Pink Pearls"

Blog on the Rocks: "The Pink Pearls"

"The Pink Pearls"

"The Pearls of Wisdom"

I have a beautiful set of Pink Pearls that I use to connect with Spirit , and this year I thought I would share some of the time what the pearls say to me... so I hope you get some enjoyment from my readings and please drop me a line if you like what I have to say.........
Well  we have made it through another year and that is something to celebrate,
...  looking back I am glad 2010 is behind me...
...  do I feel like that this is going to be a better year?
well I certainly have a different perspective compare to this time last year, I am very much more optimistic and determined to work with the LAW OF ATTRACTION.....only this time I am conscious of the LAW OF ATTRACTION and I want only the good stuff in my life...
..................looking back I have always had the LAW OF ATTRACTION in my life, but never really understood that I really was creating my one reality... well this year I am working towards the reality of my choosing.... CHOICE being the operative word.
Some questions to ask yourself as you begin to work with your own power.. your own life force

......what do you want in this lifetime?
......what are your short term and long turn goals?
......what is your character?

Numerology and Tarot and Astrology would ask the question s in different ways...
                what is your destiny?
                 what is your souls desire?
                  what are your character traits? 

The Kundalini Energy will express it through feelings,
..... does that make you feel happy
...... does that make you feel sad
  .....does that make you feel desirable
.....  are you using your energy wisely?
....   .are you treating your body as if it were a temple?
            Someone said to me once it is all the same language just communicated in different ways.. we are all headed in the same direction just on different paths and wavelengths... and spirit will always find someone to help guide you on the way home... we have just got to be quiet and listen.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year "2011"

Rocks Revealed would like to wish you a Very Happy New Year and we are looking at sharing some wonderful experiences at Rocks Revealed. 
This year we are looking a lot more deeply into Color Therapy and how color helps you heal yourself combined with the magical stones in the designer jewelery here at Rocks Revealed Boutique... we will also be looking at the minerals in stones and what they help heal with as well.
I will also introduce you to some wonderful healers, spirit walkers, life coaches and jewelery designers....
I look forward to your company in 2011 and I am glad to have you on my train.
...... There is a gorgeous NEW selection of  EARRINGS at the Boutique... they are a very good price, all sterling silver and they are in beautiful colours and designs to help you walk your walk....
If  you are unsure of what colours you need to help you achieve success in your life please feel free to email me...