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Saturday, March 19, 2011


This beautiful and powerful stone resonates to a high spiritual vibration. It transforms negative energy into peaceful and loving energy allowing a higher state of consciousness. Amethyst is the visionary, it works with the highest levels of thought, seeing and hearing with our using the physical senses.
Amethyst is the great protector , ideal to have as a piece of jewellery to wear or beside your bed, even as a polished stone to keep in your pocket or handbag.
Amethyst is a great teacher to help inspire the teacher and the student... teaching that there is more than facts to understand.
The Key words for Amethyst is Serenity, Boundless, Merciless, Spirituality and Mystic.
Amethyst helps with the top of your head, the crown, the brain and the scalp as well as the pineal gland.
It promotes spiritual development, by aiding one to learn to relax and connect to their higher self. I helps with headache and tension and the digestive organs, good for injuries, hearing disorders, insomnia, and anything to do with the breath.
Sometimes when Amethyst comes into your life something negative will soon be transformed, There maybe a need to cleanse or release something to allow this transformation to occur.
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