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Sunday, May 23, 2010

An up and coming New Artist !!!

  Meet Glenda Kahlor from
"OKLAHOMA" (a Choctaw word meaning " red people" )

Jewelry has been a lifelong fascination. As a little girl, grandmother’s cast offs and necklaces made of uncooked pasta were my “diamonds and pearls”. At seventeen, my first real job was as a salesclerk in a department store in the jewelry and accessories department. After 40 years, I still remember the joy I felt when my supervisor asked me to accessorize the mannequins in the store window. In 2008, my best friend/adopted sister , Moninya Mulder, urged me to try designing and making jewelry -- as therapy for my Parkinson’s. To my surprise, the creative process gave me those same feelings of joy I had those years many ago. The feel of the stones, the shapes, the colors, have a calming effect on me. Tremors go away or somehow I manage to work around them as I string my beads. I consider myself a “bead stringer“. I take the work of others, beads, gemstones, silverwork, and create designs. The inspiration for design comes from my culture and heritage.
        I was born and raised in the state of Oklahoma ( a Choctaw word meaning “Red People”). Like many from Oklahoma, whose family were immigrants from various European countries and settled in what was Indian Territory before 1900, I am of mixed race. I am proud of my heritage; American Indian (Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee), German, Scotch, Irish, and French. Using traditional materials and colors in combinations with the non-traditional I hope to reflect that pride.
Here is a few pictures of Glenda's work that is for sale... to see more please visit

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Natural Feel !!!


Here at Rocks we love to make designs to cater for everyone, so there is a New Range of Pendants on Leather. at
for $30.00 ea and FREE POSTAGE...
                                                                  enjoy :)
I have found that many people like the simplicity of  leather with a natural stone... 

what I like about leather is...
..... *the healing quality of natural stone directly on the skin

      * being on leather it goes with most of your attire, and it can also look so stunning, as the leather can enhance any stone wore around the neck
      * and leather can be so comfortable  to wear.