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Thursday, April 15, 2010


     “Tiger in Grass” Collection.

This stunning piece of jewellery is the combination of two stones, beautiful “Unakite” with it’s tiger orange and grass green combination and “Hematite” with it’s metallic lustre, set in 925 Sterling Silver with adjustable neck chain length.

Unakite likes to balance the emotions and helps one become aware of the subconscious blocks that we create.  Combined with Hematite the anti- stress stone, which gently allows the mind to dispel negativity, they both work together to help promote improvement of one’s situation in life.
On a physical level the chemical composition of both stones work on the blood, both containing Iron, the influence of iron has an energising effect on both the physical and non-physical bodies.
This beautiful tailsman necklace and matching earrings will offer you refection in your life, should one choose to look.

I very much enjoyed making this collection....and I have many new designs similar to this in the pipeline. I have one more set of this stone, so an order for this can be taken....don't forget to bookmark my blog as the designs will turn up here first.... for other beautiful and unique pieces please visit 
                      The Rock Revealer  :)

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