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Monday, October 5, 2009


Last week as I made the Mookaite Dream Catcher Pendant.... we had an incredible dust storm here on the East Coast of OZ.....

Now this beautiful stone is from Western Australia.. and the colours are of our beautiful outback... I have never seen such beautiful pictures that come from this stone.. from the reds and golds to the beautiful pinks and maroons of the setting suns of a sunburnt country.

As I worked with this stone, one felt the energy of "blood" purification, cleansing and wound healing........ our beautiful country gets into you blood and with the red dust storms many people experienced nose bleeds, I know I did.. for me it was all part of the experience of this rock......... and that is exactly what this stone promotes and that is one of experience, variety and fun. The colours of our beautiful country is so represented in this rock, Australia gets into you blood and the experience is so intense.

This dream catcher for me is all about, the root chakra, grounding, mother earth, liver and spleen... it is making a choice, having a choice... where is the best fertile ground one may ask?.

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