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Thursday, November 26, 2009


'What are the best stones, gems or crystals to help someone with their body image and self esteem?"

asks Julie from "Beautiful you".

Met Julie,

an inspiring woman that sends out life affirming messages to the world via

Beautiful You.. Julie is the General Manager of the Butterfly Foundation supporting people with eating disorders.

Julie has recently interviewed me in relation to my life as a Lapidarist, living with Parkinson's Disease and the healing power of stones....

we have put our heads together in hope that we can raise awareness to the need for positive self image and self esteem.

We have made it interesting with a competition.... to be eligible to enter you need to become a follower of both our blogs... so we can re-enforce the need for self love.

Throughout history, in all cultures, talisman's have been used, and still are used, to attract health, success and happiness in ones life..... there are certain stones that we use for self love and for the promotion of positive self awareness.

"Positive Body Image and Self Love"
"Rose Quartz and Malachite"

......are two gentle, calming heart stones. They both work on the emotions and help to balance and harmonize the energies in a very subtle way. They are a beautiful stone to give someone you love..... we all need self love as we learn to come to terms with the forever awakening and changing of emotional waters that run through the course of the day/days.

These two stones will help you stay in the "love zone" of the self, ... the days I am feeling a little unloved, it is nice to put on either stone and every time I touch it , I get that positive message re-enforced.

"Confidence and Positive Self Esteem"

"Rhodonite and Topaz" two favourite stones, they both bring forth confidence and trust in one's own ability to be" True" to yourself. To promote awareness so you can walk your own walk in your own individuality. One particular energy surge that I get from Topaz is that it gives me is that extra spring in my step.

Rhodonite is a beautiful stone that has black veins woven through the rock.

The black veins bring forth the wisdom of the learned lessons, that help grow one's self confidence and self- esteem. Rhodonite can assist with anxiety and can help bring a sense of calm when one is facing new situations.

Visit Julie's blog 'BEAUTIFUL YOU' to enter the competition and win
a gorgeous Rose Quartz Pendant from
All you need to do to enter is answer this question:
" wishing you the best of luck and I hope you win!" :)
and as I work with the stones, a message from the heart....

"Why are you crying?"

the angel asked the sobbing woman-child?

" When I was chasing one of my dreams...I dropped my heart" she whimpered,

and now....

"now it has a crack in it.... and it is no longer perfect"

"Oh beautiful one the angel spoke, of course your Heart is still perfect"

"Don't you know, haven't you heard the Truth?"

The only way that LOVE comes into your heart dear one, is through the cracks.
The Rock Revealer

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  1. Thankyou Louise for being such a wonderful interview subject. I have just posted details of the winning entry for your necklace at 'Beautiful You.' Congratulations to Candice Ecclestone!