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Sunday, November 22, 2009

MENOPAUSE...All the things my Mum never told me !!!

I often say to my Mum.... "why didn't you tell me ?"
I am 47 years old.. and I am on the other side of "menopause"... I ain't going through it ! I would like to think I am over it!
I found it very difficult... it just snuck up on me and I never saw it comin'... wohh what a ride,
A friend of mine Jen said to her doctor as she was diagnosed with breast cancer.. "I just got on the bloody train and now I got to get off it".....
I thought about that...... and we are all goin' to have our own train stories to tell.
Feel free to add you own story to this blog... leave a comment...because there is so much that mum never told me and I would like to share that with you... so if you feel like sharing your story on menopause and life after menopause it might just get help you over that hurdle.!!!

First one that I know is that some women just go through it so gently and others find the road really rough. Why......... I think some women find there wisdom early in life and others find it later.

It took me an awful long time to "wise up"... I was so busy for twenty two married years playing the person that had to fix everything up.... I was the fixer-upperer! ... and now all I want is for someone to fix it all up for me!.... I am tired of always fixing things up... patching things up.. but honestly girls... I am so over fixing things up that I now only fix what is broken and sometimes I even throw it out, sometimes it just ain't worth fixing... That's something I have learn through menopause.
Cause when you get back on the train... it starts picking up speed a lot quicker than the last one you were on.
The stone that keeps coming to mind is "Lapis Lazuli"
One of our Primary Colours (Blue) in our Chakras... and Lapis teaches one to be clear in ones
communication, to speak as a friend, of their truths, lapis help one to know ones essence , their values, their own beliefs.
In being a student of the "Kabbalah"-" The Tree of Life"
Lapis Lazuli is 'HESED' The energy of Love and Compassion. The blue stone has golden flecks through it, soft to work with but it polishes up nicely. The golden flecks (pyrites) are said to
represent the stars in heaven... and truth can only be learned through wisdom, my belief is that the stars are souls of spirits passed, must be lots of wisdom in those stars.
Lapis Lazuli... every girls needs a piece of Lapis in there wardrobe,
We all seek our own truth.

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