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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Magic of Minerals in Crystal Healing.

Every one knows about Louise Hay and how thoughts can create dis- ease in one's life!

...........and what if stones can really help in your healing process?

The magic of stones... and how colour is nature's own anti-depressant

...... and minerals how they are absorbed through the skin to aid you in your healing.

I share my passion with many others who believe in the healing power of gemstones and crystals.

Many stones have very subtle energies, some you are guided to without conscious direction, some jewellery you wear all the time others you can take off within hours, there is magic in there power to heal.

I very talented lady by the name of Jeanette Stein has written a book on 'The Magic of Minerals in Crystal Healing' and her book is available through for $47.00... a must to have in any one's collection, especially if you are into self healing.

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