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Monday, February 1, 2010


The Hermits Light.
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be beautiful, brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.

From a Course in Miracles
Many years ago I read a book by Marianne Williamson ...
 "A RETURN TO LOVE" AND THAT BEAUTIFUL VERSE WAS IN IT.......well that verse has stayed with me as my support through my journey in life. I did try and read the epic book "A Course in Miracles", but that is an epic in itself ... Marianne's book I found simplifies it all.
Before we  start on this  journey together of the stones and there secrets.....
I would like to tell you what I believe :
"I believe that everyone is special, and we all have something special to offer... the key or the answer lies within you....
                                                Colour is Nature's OWN Anti-Depressant
So lets start with the colour BLUE.........
I have been studying the Shaministic Ways, Chakras and the Kundalini System for many years as well as the Kabbala, Tarot, Numerology and have been commited to a spiritual path most of my life.
 For me Blue represents  "trust" and that is the first thing I feel that we need to develop in all that we do.
 Whether it be in your relationship to yourself, to another person in your life or the road that you walk... you need to "trust " that all is as it should be at this point in time.
Getting back to nature will allow you to feel that everyone of us has some awareness that we were born for a specific purpose, that life contains a Divine Plan.
 The fifth chakra is the center for that awareness and for our desire to make contact with the divine plan.
For me stones hold my connection to the center of my being ..............
                     maybe a blue scarf would help you connect to that part of your spirit.......
I remember when I was learning to read the taro cards......
I would take out a card for the week, and just see what I experienced for those seven days..... it's the same principle I use for all my intuitive learning...... so grab yourself something "blue" and over the next week, just take notes, whether it be writting it down or mentally in your mind, the thoughts and the feelings that come into your being are you intuition ...
"so trust it"
 As we grow, we all try and build our lives according to our own will.
 Then some event or crisis occurs, then we are confronted with our own limits on how to deal with the situation....
 This is when we grow, we find different ways of dealing with issues... we learn to become more expressive, we learn to communicate at a different level... and in order to deal with this crisis, we move beyond the boundaries of our own limitations.
All of a sudden we stop fighting...we take the path of least resistance..... and we learn that life is all about "CHOICE" and when we make a "CHOICE" we are in our own  authentic power.
Many times in my life, I have felf so stuck, unable to walk ( yep my Parkinson's dis-ease)
.... but I have a choice.... stay in bed and feel sorry for myself, or choose to get up.... I choose always to get up.....
Life is not a rehersal... this is the real thing!..and I do not want to waste one moment !!!! if picking up a blue scarf....... wearing a blue stone around my neck..... sitting and watching a blue butterfly... gets me to trust life and brings home that positive affirmation, that all is fine in my world.... so be it.......
Blue......... the paint on the walls of my doctors  is blue... it is the colour for self expression, it is the colour of communication..... it is the feeling of trust... it is the knowing of truth..... this week grab something blue... and go beyond it.... feel what energy you get from it, know that energy as yours..... trust that your higher conciousness will lead you to your  own greatness and love ( Sefirah HESED in the Kabbala).
  "Please Take the journey with me and share what you feel."
Turquoise Heart wrapped in Sterling Silver with a Sterling Silver Chain.
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 The Blue Stone TURQUOISE... 
                                                              has been carried for luck in all cultures. In North America Apache warriors would tie pieces of Turquoise to there bows to ensure accurate aim. Indeed Turquoise was so highly prized for its talismianic qualities that for a medicine man not to have had turquoise stones in his possession would have dramatically lessened his standing in the tribe. Turquoise brings peace of mind, wisdom and understanding, enhances psychic abilities and communication. It protects and Balances. It is said to help stabilise mood swing and help depression and anxiety attacts.
             Referance Book ...The Magic of Crystals by Wendy Jones and Barry Jones
An exerpt from The Magic of Minerals in Crystal Healing........ by Jeanette Stein
Turquoise is a copper, containing basic aluminium phoshate.
                    Copper is essential for the functioning of a number of enzymes in the body. With out copper iron cannot function properly. Insufficiant copper can lead to anaemia, bone disease, cell damage, lack of energy..... copper is used to reduce the inflamation of swollen joints.
For more information on the magic of Minerals in Crystal Healing.... contact me for
Jeanette Steins Book.
I hope you can walk with me and share your experiences  with the colour BLUE.
                                                                 The Rock Revealer.


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