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Monday, June 21, 2010

Labradorite... the Vision Stone !

                                 Available at Rocks Revealed
 The Vision Stone
A gate way stone 11/11..
The Tarot Card..The Hierophant... 

Labradorite was  first found in 1770 on the Labrador Peninsular in Canada.
The colour of the stone has a beautiful flash which is know as "labradorescence".
The colour of the stone changes according to the angle of refraction and you may see a blue. green, yellow and pink flash. The base colour of the stone is a silvery gray.
There  has been much written about this stone and it's healing properties from revealing your life's destiny in a "flash" to helping aid in blindness, night vision, diet, gout, colds, rheumatic fever, feeling cold and lowers the  blood pressure....
 it would certainly be a stone to have in your medicine cabinet.

As I have worked this stone, I have felt certain things come to light  on an emotional and mental level.
A feeling of inner self worth, reconising my strengths and discovering a  sense of purpose.
This stone works on the  6TH CHAKRA, the Brow or Third eye, and I can understand why... it seems to be a bridge between the "NOW / REALITY" and the "SPIRITUAL/ DREAM " TIME.
A gate way stone 11/11 represented in the Tarot Cards as the 'HIEROPHANT'... a stone where one will actively start to seek answers of a philosophical kind..... as you meet the Hierophant on the journey of the Tarot you encounter a part of yourself as you begin to formulate and express your own beliefs or your own personal philosophy, and individual vision of your personal connection to spirit... and as you face life's challenges you have your own philosophy to pick you up as you fall down.

A beautiful stone... I would love to hear what impression Labradorite has had on you?


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