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Monday, March 22, 2010


 The Stone for Pisces and Capricorn......
 This beautiful unique 'FLUORITE' pendant and earrings will be available
 at boutique.
 For further information please contact me at

 "FLUORITE"  is one of the most beautiful of the New Age Stone and gives its name to the word "fluorescent". Fluorite is a mind stone on all levels. It is excellent for aiding in concentration and study for advancing the mind to higher understanding. Fluorite has a strong stabilizing influence and balances both positive and negative sides of the mind. It is a wonderful stone for meditation.
On the healing properties of the stone it is good for the skin, mucous membrains, nerves, bones and teeth: aliviates dry cough, and makes joints flexible.
This beautiful rainbow stone is a fragile stone to work with and should be handled with care.
Fluorite brings emotional liveliness,  and aids in helping you to understand that you have freedom of choice, skin conditions which can be caused due to stress is associated with believing that you have no choice in the matter, or believing that your choice has been taken away from you.
This "RAINBOW FLUORITE" will aid in helping you find your very own rainbow.

                                                 The Rock Revealer   :)

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